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Why not replacing batch edit with inheritance ?, did you see how mRemote are implementing inheritance - really nice and easy to edit later.
the main idea is to save the information in a top folder and each sub folder or connection can inherit this settings or use and part of the info they want, then a sub object / folder will do the same and you have a very easy way to implement configuration changes.
Think about it.

Clock10 yrs

I'm already aware of this possible feature, but it's not easy to implements when you share your database with multiple user with different roles. The next version will contain a credential repository that will simplify the credential management and it will also be possible for a user to override it with his own. Eventually the inheritance will be available in our application but I can't give you a timeframe.

We want to go this way and implements the inheritance, but we have to do it one step at the time. The first step is to modify our group structure and this will be done in the next beta.

Thank you very much for your comments.

David Hervieux


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hi, i am also wondering about inheritance and am wondering if my issue below would also be included in this possible feature...

example: in the image below i am just doing a basic wmic query of the computer name. The $host$ variable worked properly however it did not have permission to complete the query even though i was logged on to the server. I dont want to include the user/password in the command line as it would be a security risk. Is there another variable maybe like $HOST_PASSWORD$ etc? or is this the same kind of thing you said you are planning?



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