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End users to enter reason for connecting.

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I would like to have the option for the end user who is opening a session to be prompted to type in a reason for using that session, and have the reason stored in the logs.

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I added this to our feature list. I will add the possibility to add a comment before opening the session and log it in the database. It's a good idea. Do you think we should optionally force to enter a comment or it's too restrictive ?

David Hervieux


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I would like the option to choose whether or not the user is forced.

Some connections are less sensitive than others.

This kind of ties into a feature request that I made a while back about a notification message popping up when a session is opened. Ideally, I'd like to have the option that when a specific session is opened, a window pops up with a warning message that I define, and a field for the end user to enter a reply. This would give good flexibility.

For example, I could have my message simply read "Enter reason below:" to "WARNING! DO NOT USE THIS CONNECTION UNLESS APPROVED BY IT. Enter reason and IT approval ticket number below:", etc...
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Actually I would like to take this a step further.

I'd like the end user to receive the warning message and then be given the option of whether or not this user still wants to open the session.

This way if someone opens a session, sees the warning message, and changes his/her mind... he/she can click no and not have it open- but still have an event in the logs.

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