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My company just recently started using RDM Enterprise edition, and I just discovered an issue regarding credentials. When using a shared connections database, it's true that passwords can be saved locally on a per-user basis, but it appears that the usernames are still stored with the shared connections in the database. This is a problem, because while we share connections, we all have unique usernames we log on with, and for reasons I won't bore you with, we need to be able to save usernames with the connections, so that they are passed to the server during the initial connection (I can go into more detail if you need). Of course, people can still use their own individual connection list, but that pretty much defeats the purpose of the shared list.

Is there any way at all RDM could be modified so that all credentials, including usernames, are stored per-user locally, and not in the shared database?

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hi ivorycruncher,
this feature is already implemented for RDP-Sessions or are you requesting this feature for different types of connections?


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If you use the SQL Server database and RDP session, you can use the User specific settings to override the shared setting (it's avaialble in the context menu). A setting override will be saved in the database per user. You must createa user for everybody.

Also, Plague is right, you can use the store password locally and set the user name to the environment variable %USERNAME% to use the current logged user name in Windows.

David Hervieux


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Hmm, I think I need to do some more testing with this. I suspect we may not be utilizing the user accounts properly.

And by the way, specifying a username variable will not work for us. We're a hosting company, with over 100 separate domains and terminal server environments. The domain credentials we use on our local machines do not apply to any other of our client environments, so we can't pass credentials through that way.

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