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Small anoyance when using remote datasource

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After moving our datasource to S3 storage and fixing the initial problems, everything is running pretty smooth now. However i have a small anoyance i hope should be easy to fix.

I have RDM startup automatically when i boot my windows 7 laptop.

However if im at home forexample where my internet is provided by my wireless network, i might not have internet connectivity in the first few seconds of having logged on. This is fairly comon in various settings (visiting clients etc etc)

So this means RDM has no data (from S3), the problem being that thats the case even long time after internet connectivity is there.

I figured out i can manualy force it to do an update by choosing refresh session list. But its an anoyance.

So couldnt there be a setting to do a session list update every XX seconds or something like that?

Would make it alot more smoother when you operate with remote storage (S3 for sure anyway, im not sure if the other remote storage modules auto update)

Thanks for a great program.

Best regards
Jonas Akrouh Larsen

Clock10 yrs

There is an option for that in the Advanced tab of the Option dialog, it's Delay initial connection and if wait a small amount of time before opening the data source.

I hope this help.

David Hervieux


Clock10 yrs