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I'm not sure if this is appropriate for a feature request, but I typically install RDM with a privileged account. I then log in under the restricter user's account and have to make a shortcut directly to RemoteDesktopManager.exe, since there is no start menu item--- also I have to enter the enterprise license key for each user of the machine.

I would like to have the option to install RDM, for example, on a terminal server under one account and have it the start menu for all users and not have to have every user enter the key.

Perhaps there is some sort of workaround or registry entry for the interim? I haven't looked into that myself yet.

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For now there is no solution but I'm aware of that. It's a problem that appear more and more often and I really hope to find a solution. I did some test this week but the result was not successful. What I want to offer a service or program to generate a specific install with a preconfigured serial and data source. I hope to get you back soon with that.

David Hervieux


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If you're installing it on a terminal server, you need to run "change user /install" before running the installer exectable, and then "change user /execute" once the installation is complete. That should install it for all users on that system.

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Thanks for the replies. I realize that I forgot to enable email notifications so I fell behind on this topic.

ivorycruncher, thanks for the advice! It looks like that would work fine on a terminal server. I'll test it out. Still, in the case of a standard machine running XP.. I have the issue that if a new user logs into it, I need to give the RDM key we have or remotely enter it through VNC or teamviewer, or something similar.

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