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data source refreshing

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At my company we are using a site license , and have a shared MSSQL database that we are using for our datasource. I've got multiple users able to make changes to the data source, but when the changes are made, until you connect to a secondary data source and then connect back to the shared data source, sessions in the list do not update.

It would be nice if data sources were refreshed every few seconds or in realtime so that when changes are made on a shared data source, all users will see it updated shortly after the changes are made without having to manually refresh their list.

or is there something like this already available and i just don't know how to use it? I'm seeing in the new beta changes that xml datasources are auto refreshing now. would be sweet to see the same for database sources Big Grin



Clock10 yrs

I will try to do something for that in the next version.

David Hervieux


Clock10 yrs

Maybe consider showing a "Last update/sync" or something similar!
Option to manually update/refresh from sql data-source only.
Set time interval if auto refresh is selected.


Clock10 yrs