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Auto Refresh Interval for an SQL Data Source

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Hi RDM Support

Our RDM DB is getting big enough (nearly 2,000 entries at present, and still growing), that the refresh is beginning to take a noticable amount of time (up to around 2 seconds). I see in other posts that you intend to develop an "Intelligent Refresh" feature to speed this - good idea - we could really benefit from this.

In the meantime, I am looking for ways to reduce the user impact of these refreshes, and to reduce load on the SQL server. I want to increase the "Auto refresh" interval on our Data Source's so that all the users are not simply slamming the server every fews minutes to update their sessions, when in most cases, no changes will have been made. So I tried to increase that number in the Data Source configuration, but found that if I put a number greater than 1000 in, it seems to reset it back to 1000. It would be good if we could put a larger number in this field...



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The v9.0 is currently available in beta :

We will increase the max to 10,000 (seconds, just over 2 hours 46 minutes) in v9.0.

In the meantime try turning off the "Force refresh before edit session" option from the Advanced system options.

Stefane Lavergne


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Thanks, Stefane - 10,000 should cover our needs nicely.

I did think of disabling the "Force refresh before edit" option, but was worried about the aftermath that would ensue if two people tried to edit the same session within the same refresh interval. This option seems like a good one to keep ON to me!


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