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Default Connection Settings Issues, Todo List

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This is slightly a Bug report slightly feature request...


I set Default Connection Settings (File -> Templates -> Default Connection Settings) then clicked on Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP)
Setup whatever default connection settings desired, hit ok, ok, then exit out of the connection settings.

I to "Home" then clicked to create a new session like I normally would but I went Add -> New Session instead of "New Entry" and it did not show my default settings.

New Entry works, but Add -> New Session does not.


Can Contacts have a "Default Connection Settings" like all the other sessions? I'm mostly just going after the "priority" setting to keep every folder nice neat and organized.

Todo list is very neat. Is there a way to have messages pop up upon logon or check every so often with popups if something is due that day assigned to that person? Can it also be possible to create reoccuring jobs (like check backup every thursday, etc.)?

Thanks Again!

Clock6 yrs

I will fix the bug next week. This should be very easy

I will try to extend the default setting for all the other types including the credentials, contact and group

For the todo, we have a list o improvement that we need to do and definitively like your two suggestions. I will see what I can do. The recurring might be a little more tricky to add on short notice but it's good idea.

David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs