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Converting to PVM and RDM

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We're considering moving from Visionapp and a comercial password manager.
I have downloaded and installed both PVM(EE) and RDM(EE).
Both are configured using an external SQL Server and it is all working ok for me as a single user at the moment.

I must have misunderstood the Active Directory integration while I was reading about the Security Management in the feature set.

Do I understand it correctly that it is not possible to use Active Directory groups to administer access and permissions in these products?

We run a setup where we need to use security groups in one Active Directory to explicitly grant access to folders containing connections and credentials. At least for the Credentials part I need to apply explicit read and modify permissions to members in AD groups.

Is there a way to make this setup work the way I need it to work other than to create seperate databases and migrate subsets of data into them?


Clock6 yrs

You need Remote Desktop Manager Server to use the AD groups. Without that you need to configure the security for each users.

David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs

Ok. Thanks. That helped the permissions issue for connections.

Clock6 yrs