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1- Could you possibly add a "Vendor" entry that we can populate with the name? One of the questions that are asked by management is pertaining to the purchases from vendors and also what has been purchased etc. Usually the request comes in around 3rd/4th quarter when budgeting process for next year starts and vendors start calling to promote themselves etc.

2- Can you add a "Hardware age" or something that would show the age of the hardware in years as soon as you populate the Purchase Date? If I add a session for an RDP session for a PC and it was purchased on Jan 1, 2011 the as soon as I add that date the below that the "Age" would populate against the current date as being 2 years or if possible 2 years 7 months. If not then not an issue as the data can be exported to Excel and the dates to the year can be added etc.

3- Align the "Is XenServer server" to match the entries above it?

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Hi Felix,
I have added a request for more information about the purchase. This is a good idea

David Hervieux


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