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remember open connections on network failure

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I don’t know if there’s a way to handle this (or even if it's a good idea) but the other day I had to pull the network cable on my machine to isolate it temporarily for a test.

During that time I clicked on RDM and it locked up on me for roughly 10 seconds and when it responded again, all my open RDP sessions closed.

Would it be possible to add a preference to have RDM remember what was connected and maybe prompt me to reconnect? The reason I think this might be helpful is that if I forget to log out of a session, when my password expires, my account will probably get locked out until I can figure out where my open session was.

Maybe the tab stays open in RDM but it's just solid gray with a reconnect button in the middle. The problem is, if I restart/shutdown a machine, I would want the tab to close. I only want the option to work when there's a network issue. Even if the tab closes, if there's a way to access what I was connected to it would be handy. I thought maybe the global connection list would still show my sessions but it didn't.


Clock6 yrs

I think that the playlist could help you with that. Perhaps I could add an option to save the current opened state

David Hervieux


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If it's easy, might be a nice little thing to have. This time I forgot to do it but normally if I need to reboot my machine or go offline for some reason, I take a screen shot of the tabs. Of course if the computer crashes, that's another story smile

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