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Check - Host Availability (right-click)

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Would it be possible to have that option in the right-click menu so that a folder with a few connections can be checked instead of going to options and selecting it there and have RDM check every single option?

I had a few connections already open this morning to a remote office and I wanted to be able to check which machines in my office were on and only way to presently do that would be to enable the option, close connections or disconnect, restart, and then connect again. Restore option will work however prior to that the restart would trigger the close comments and also stop the timer on the initial open sessions.

if not then maybe table idea for future session if possible as the alternative would be to complete work on open sessions for time logging and comment purposes. You would enable the host checker, and then when done disable etc and proceed with work in RDM.

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This is already on my todo list. This would be useful for sure. I'm also planing an availability report.

David Hervieux


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