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Chained connections

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It would be nice to be able to chain connections. Starting from one system, connection to another system, and then starting a connection from that system to a third system, etc...

Of course on each of the the systems in the chain there would be a "helper app" running to propagate the connection information necessary to connect to the next target system.

I initially thought that the sub connections are implementation of this behavior.

This would be very useful for service providers. The typical scenario in these environments is to connect to a system at the client premise from where an additional connection needs to be established to a target system.


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Although they are not managed automatically at this time, you could implement a solution. I'll admit many would describe it as "poor" to "fair", but for a limited number of connections its workable.

RDM support launching sessions from the command line. If you go in the advanced settings for a session, you will see at the bottom a textbox containing a command line to launch this perticular session and a button that will create a shortcut on the desktop.

So the solution is : on your remote host, create desktop shortcuts for the second level sessions you want to easily launch.

That feature is often asked and we have a few ideas to implement it, but they require a significant time investment.

Maurice Côté


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This could be a workaround we could work with. We have globally unlimited license of RDM(S), so we could install a local RDM on the "jump-in" systems under our control.

This could maybe be a suggestion how to implement it. Have a stripped down version of RDM running on all the machines in the chain and use it to propagate session infomation (hostname, username, password, connection type...) down the chain.

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We have something that will help you, have a look at this:

Stefane Lavergne


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