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Disable special commands

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Is there any trick to disable "special commands" on a "per entry" basis?
We want some users be able to access only some applications on TS servers.
When we create an RDP entry with a pre-configured program the user can send CTRL-ALT-DEL and launch by this way the desktop.


Clock7 yrs

This is something we could add but the shortcut in the RDP session will still exists. For example I think it's replaced by Ctrl+Alt+End

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs

OK! It's clear.

Thanks for the answer

Clock7 yrs


The only sure way of locking down a workstation in the manner you want is to use the operating system features.

Windows introduced AppLocker to control applications being launched and even their installation.

For Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

For Windows 8 and Server 2012

Maurice Côté


Clock7 yrs