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Dashboard view column "username"

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I have a folder with 15 RDP connections
When using the default credential type, we can see the used username in the dashboard view (column username).
When using another credential type (embedded, repository, INHERIT...) the username entry in that column becomes empty.

Would it be possible to display the name of the used credential in that column if the default credentials type is not used?

For instance:
I create a folder named 'LAN' and define a credential repository entry for it, named 'LAN\Admin User1'.
I then create an RDP connection and set the credential type to 'inherit' (or for instance an entry from the credential repository)
It would be handy to see the name 'LAN\Admin User1' in the column of the Username

Clock6 yrs

I will add a feature request but I'm not sure about the performance impact of resolving that. I will give it a try.

David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs