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RDP - ask current loggedin user

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Hello Devolutions team.
in our environements, several user use the same account to procede to administrative tasks on a few servers.
On thoose servers, the account can only have one session.
when someone open an alerady opened session, the first user is disconnected and the new user take the session (rdp "feature")
It would be helpful for us to have the ability to ask the first user (with a timeout) before the session open (or at least have a message sent to him)
thanks in advance !

Clock6 yrs

What kind of data source are you using?

Advanced data sources will warn you before connecting

Maurice Côté


Clock6 yrs

We are using SQL datasource.
it warn the new user that an existing user is logged in, but not the existing user when the new new user connect itself.
it is not a problem when 2 user using the same account can open the same session twice, but when the rdp server does not allow this,
the first user does not know why the session has been shuted down until he tried again to connect itself + he has no explaination why the new user took the current session.

Clock6 yrs