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We have the ability to export all host to csv w/o need to password protect. Can we have the option to export selected as well w/o a password? I see you have Export, Export Special, Export All & Export Selection. I have used that in the past to get my selection whether they are the entire group, or sessions within a group and I have taken the un-needed steps of password protecting & unzipping to get to my csv file.

If you can have the "Export Selection (.csv) listed under "Export All Host List (.csv) that would help or if you could have the password option disabled initially in Export special and let the user decide if they want to enable the password that would be great!

Also if you can, alpha organize the listing under "Export Special" to show (.csv), (.html), & then (.xml) for both all and selection options.

Reason for the request is that having this option gives me a quicker route to getting my group or specific information to a .csv file to send out for non RDM users for projects like an OS refresh etc.

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Hi Felix,
This should be easy to add. I will enter a feature request and we will try to squeeze these reuqest in the Beta polishing process.

David Hervieux


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Thanks David as that would be awesome... it would make RDM that much quicker for me in regards to providing information to support.

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