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.MSC "The system cannot find the file specified"

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I ran into a problem today and I can't get it solved.

I wanted to add an .MSC file and, as I used to do it like always, I created a new command line entry. I entered the name "Windows Deployment Services" and also the exact path and filename, which is %systemroot%\system32\WdsMgmt.msc. After that I clicked "Assign file icon to session" which succeeded.

Running it gives the error "The system cannot find the file specified". The file is there and I am able to run it from the command line or from start->run. Otherwise it could not assign the file icon to the session. Earlier I was able to add DSA.MSC (Active Directory Users and Computers). This command runs OK.

The difference between both MSC files is that DSA.MSC is part of the RSAT tools (Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows® 7). WdsMgmt is not. I copied all files as described in this article.

I was able to work arround this by doing the following:
- Run the command "MMC %systemroot%\system32\WdsMgmt.msc /a" (without the quotes)
- Add the server(s) to the list (optional)
- Save this to a new .MSC file in a different location (I saved it as D:\WdsMgmt.msc)
- Add this new file to RDM

Still the question "Why does wdsmgmt.msc not work and DSA.msc will?" stays. Anyone any ideas?



Clock6 yrs

I might have an idea. RDM is a 32 bit application and Windows must return the 32 bit system folder. Make sure to check the 64 bit setting the session configuration.

David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs