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More Fields (+ support in filter)

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I have a few wink feature requests regarding DATA input, structuring, management, filter, visibility, ...
And since you are so cooperative and gave me an inch i request a lightyear now smile

I'd like to enter more information i can use the filter on:

Like the following in the Informatin-Server Tab (i'm abusing the contact Tab for this infos now, so i can filter the properly):
All the CustomFields are already used.
The keywords are ok, i think each HW-Server needs this information (maybe disabled when IsVirtualMachine is unchecked) :

  • Rack
  • Blade Enclosure + Bay
  • Serial Number

Would also be nice to filter on OS

I think the Status should be visible somewhere in the Session Properties (or when viewing the Information). Because when i enter information for a e.g. disabled session other people would like to see why its disabled without opening the session. I would also like to be able to edit the status text (e.g. why this session is disabled). Who set a status should also be easy visible.

e.g. The Software field can't be selected (include...) in the search/filter field. I'd like to fill some Software specific info here and filter on it. Also the Domain would be helpful.

btw. i think the Skype field would be better grouped bottom left to the email, Phone,.. fields instead of the address.

A batch edit for Mac address discovery would be nice also.

So finished for breakfast time Cool


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1. Does Blade Enclosure and bay are two fields? Let me know and I will enter a feature request (really simple to add).

2. I have already added the one about the status text.

3. I will add the possibility to include the domain and also a more advanced search tool.

4. I have moved the field Skype in our internal build, you were right

5. Batch edit for the MAC address already exists: Detect All MAC Addresses

David Hervieux


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Thank you very much!

Well a Blade Enclosure is a Device hosting multiple HW Servers (Blades) providing common infrastructure (Power, cooling, Networking, Management, Remote access to ILO,...)
Each Blade Server is in a Rack (where the Blade Enclosure is located), the Blade Enclosure and a Bay in the Blade Enclosure. We re-use a common (2-purpose) field we call Details.
This Details Field is either the Blade-Bay or the Height Unit in the Rack.
Rackserver01 ; Rack: Rack01 ; Details: 21-23
Bladeserver01 ; Rack: Rack01 ; Blade: Blade01 ; Details: 21-23

The Management Unit of a Blade Enclosure would be a perfect Linked-connection (we do this now per script in the ILO Field).

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This will be in the next beta

David Hervieux


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