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Use users windows credentials

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we have a grwoning number of servers that authenticate against AD and the user should use his local login to access the server.
Correct me if i'm wrong, but there is no way to say to RDM that I'd like to use my own login.

That would be really helpful and shouldn't be to hard to do,right?


Clock6 yrs


A variant of this was done 2-3 weeks ago, but we cannot read the password from Windows Credential Manager, so you must enter them manually once.

It will be in the next beta of v9

its called "my personal credentials"


Maurice Côté


pers cred.png
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Yes, thats fine. Entering one time is a no brainer.
Even more keen to see beta 9 wink

Clock6 yrs

+1 for this! correct me if i am wrong - we are unable to do this until beta 9? I ask because you mentioned "this was done 2-3 weeks ago". Is this something that i can implement in the mean time?


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i downloaded the latest beta and dont see that option

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nevermind i got it

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Do i sees (and test) it right, that you can only have one "My Personal Credentials"?

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