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Entry list on the right?

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There's an overwhelming amount of options in Remote Desktop Manager that are spread out in various area that I'm not confident I've fully explored them so I figured I'd ask my question here.

Is there any way to move the entry list to the right hand side of the screen, rather than the left hand side?

(I recently upgraded my work desk and had to shuffle monitors around and I previously had a vertical monitor to the left of Remote Desktop Manager so I could run the program partly extended onto the left monitor so I could use the embedded tabs in the top left hand corner, otherwise I can't click on anything from 1" to the left of the screen as relayed here -

Clock7 yrs

Take a look at this topic

Customizing the UI

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs

David, thank you for the response. I'd actually considered if that was built into the software but I didn't have the option to undock my navigation list. I right-clicked on the white space of the list and I could create new entries, import, export, etc., but I couldn't undock and there was nothing at the top of the list to undock...

After I changed my UI from "Classic" to "Default (Menu)" I was able to achieve this docking functionality.

I'm not entirely sure why I was using 'Classic' instead of 'Default (Menu)' so I suppose this will work out just fine. I think it's because I didn't like the ribbon interface and all the extra stuff that I don't use and maybe 'Default (Menu)' wasn't as good when Ribbon debut as it is now? I can't say but my issue is resolved, thank you!

Clock7 yrs