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Registration for portable RDM not saved

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I use Remote Desktop Manager in portable mode (standard edition).
I have created the override.cfg file and entered a single dot in it as instructed.
I also moved the connections.xml file to the program folder.
Each time I log in to a new system or reset my Windows user profile I have to reregister because 0 trial days are left.
While troubleshooting I discoverd my portable configuration still writes registration information to the registry. (HKCU\Software\RemoteDesktopManager) with keys "Registrationdate", "RegistrationEmail" and "RegistrationTag".
However even if I import this information in the registry before starting RDM I still have to register with 0 days left.
In the remotedesktopmanager.cfg file I can't find any registration information, only a creation date which corresponds with the date the zero days left message appeared minus 30 trial days.

Clock7 yrs

RDM use the registry only as fallback plan. You can include the file remotedesktopmanager.ext on your USB to have it registered.

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs

The ext file is (and was) on the usb. It doesn't seem to contain any registration information other then:
The daily reminder still appears with the message that I have zero days left to register.
In the RemoteDesktopManager.cfg file both the RegistrationName and the RegistrationSerial values are empty.
The StandardRegistrationDate, StandardRegistrationEmail and StandardRegistrationTag are correctly filled.
Changing the Creationdate value to a more recent date will reset the 30 day counter to the corresponding remaining time. However, at the end of the changed 30 day trial the registration message will reappear.

Clock7 yrs