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Credential Repository option for RD Gateway creds

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Any chance we could get this added? We use AD authentication for our RD Gateway, so having the option of using a Credential Repository would eliminate a credential prompt.


Clock6 yrs


What configuration did you use in the Connection tab of your session?

Maurice Côté

Customers that use Devolutions Server are provided free remote sessions for performing upgrades. Please send a request to the Devolutions Service Desk to get the process started.


Clock6 yrs

The only option that even works for me is NTLM. But that brings up a cred prompt.

Clock6 yrs

You can already use the Credential Repository. Have you tried the Credentials button?

David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs

58Sniper, did you get this working? I am experiencing this same issue if I read you correctly. I have the webserver inheriting the webserver credentials from the network folder above it. I have the RD Gateway listed in the connection tab and I have the RD Gateway credentials listed in the credentials button on the connection tab. I get prompted for RD Gateway credentials everytime. The only thing that seems to work for me is creating credentials in the private vault for both, then highlighting EVERY RDP session individually (or hold CTRL and click them) and editing the "User specific settings" and overriding the RD Gateway settings on the "Settings" tab there. This is not a viable solution for our team as we have several connections (Over 100) we'll be setting up, with many more to come in the future.

Clock4 yrs