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RDM 7.6.3 MySQLDataSourceAddon error

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following a Pc rebuild onto Windows 8 and a new install of remote desktop manager 7.6.3 and the mysqldatasource addon I am unable to connect to our data source and receive the error message shown in the screenshot attached.


Any help in resolving this would be much appreciated.


Jeff Aitchison
Microsys Solutions

Clock7 yrs


Now we include that dll with RDM and that add-on has been integrated directly in the application.

Easiest solution is to download the binaries for our latest version, and simply grab the dll from the zip.

Maurice Côté


Clock7 yrs

thanks for your reply Maurice. unfortunately this did not seem to work.

I have managed to resolve the connection problems after comparing the versions of the two dlls (MySQLDataSourceAddOn.dll and MySql.Data.dll) with a colleague and copying the versions he had.

For reference the versions of the files which worked are:

MySQLDataSourceAddOn.dll version
MySql.Data.dll version

Thanks again for your help.

Clock7 yrs