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Create folders / sessions and d&d sort

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Great application, it fits our needs perfectly. Would it be possible to implement the following features:
- Create a new folder by rigth-clicking "sessions" or a folder and drag and drop folders to sort them.
- Sort sessions by drag and drop. (I know about the sort priority option, but find it to be a bit tedious to sort this way)

I used both features a lot back in the mRemote days, to match the session list with the fysical configuration of our machines.

Kind Regards,
Menno Smitz

Clock10 yrs

I will see what I can do, but it's more complex that what it's seems:

1. Create new folder: all the group are virtual, they are not stored in the database, they are build when the session are loaded.

2. Sort by drag and drop, the problem is that I must assign a sort priority because if you don't see all the session (depending of your security right) the order could be wrong for another user

But, I will think to one solution and try to implement it as soon as I'm comfortable with it.

Thank you for your feedback

David Hervieux
Devolutions inc.

David Hervieux


Clock10 yrs