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Xmanager support for RDM 5.7.x ??

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Hi David,

i had alread asked this in the past, but can't find it anymore in the forum.
Can you please add Xmanager support in RDM 5.7.x?

Xmanager stored his profiles under c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NetSarang\Xmanager\

many thanks and rgs Bob

Clock10 yrs

Hi Bob,
I added that to my possible AddOn list.

Thank you for your suggestion (I don't remember this product, it's a good think you asked again)

David Hervieux
Devolutions inc.

PS: Have you tried the latest beta, I put back the old description textbox, is it better or missed something ?

David Hervieux


Clock10 yrs

Hello David,

sorry for the delay. Yes i have tested the and the description box is OK.
Only one thing. You can instert, text, RTF, URL.
When you have already instert e.g. a Text and switched to URL -> OK and -> Edit Session -> change back from URL to Text the old Text is missing.
Can you store the description of Text, RTF and URL in the mdb until the whole session would be deleted?

many thanks and rgs Bob

Clock10 yrs