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Would like the ability to disable a recent feature

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First off, I love this software and can't wait to upgrade licenses and start handing it out to the others in my office. I started using tsmmc a couple years ago and have been slowly looking for something to replace it that everyone can use easily. I've been testing out trials of some of your competitors and almost settled on a solution until I found you guys. RDM is by far the best of its kind! This will end up replacing a lot more software than I thought it would smile anyway, I have a very low-priority but simple (i hope) request...

There's a newer feature discussed here which enables the user to double click on a folder in the session tree to "open all sessions" under it. Wish I didn't have to ask but this has become a problem for me and I know for a fact it will for others later if I get them to start using it. We have a ton of servers here that all log-in in different ways, multiple domains, half need console session and half dont, etc. Its a very delicate and evolving network around here and anyway a few times ive accidentally double clicked on the root "Sessions" folder opening a connection to all the servers in my office. I won't go into details on how bad that can be lol but its bad.

It looks like you guys keep pretty busy around here which is awesome, but if you get a chance to consider adding a way to toggle this feature on/off in a future release it would mean a lot!

Your new and impressed customer,

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well i guess i should have read just a little harder before posting this /facepalm
i thought that he was requesting to have double-clicking added not disabled

5.7 Beta
* Added a confirmation message when opening multiple session

so ya you guys already solved my problem, fastest support ever too! lol

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