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More detailed permission settings

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Hi. I our company we use RDM with datasource on SQL server. Connections are managed by 2 admins. All other users cannot modify settings. But we need to share some notes. So it would be nice, if there will be possibility to set permission for example on specific tabs in connection details. And second "problem" is view password buton. Users with restricted rights can copy password but cannot use view password option. We need to allow users use wiew password option. But it woud be nice if it can be managed by permissions.

Clock7 yrs

I will add a feature request to allow the note editing. For the other issue, does the option allow copy credentials to clipboard is enabled?

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs

I need feature with permissions too.
We need permissions for Status changes: restricted user can change "Status" and add status message, but can't edit description and settings.

Sorry, but my request duplicate existed:
edited by MaEL on 5/27/2013

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