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Some requests for a somewhat big user(500+ srvrs)

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First I must say that I am impressed over the good help, and fast response in this forum!
We have over 500 servers that we control using mainly RDP, this program seems to cover our needs in a good way.
I have gotten some input from my colleges, they have the following requests (I have searched the forum and found no requests like this, so if they have been posted before, pls forgive me)
1. Is it possible to get the search bar docked in the windows taskbar somehow, so that when entering a search, the sessions matching the search are listed above the search box?
2. By mistake I double-clicked a session group containing 40 servers, all RDP sessions was opened. Don’t need to say that generated some work for me smile with all credentials enabled…
Is it possible to have a switch witch disables “Double-cklick on a session group, open all sessions”? A right-click (only) open all sessions instead, would be much appreciated.
Again thanks for your excellent help so far.

The Doc.

Edit: Tried now to double click a session group - It did't open all sessions. Enter did. Could there be a bug?
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The next update already ask for a confirmation when you try to open multi connection (I got the same problem and it was not funnysmile). For the other request, I will see what I can do, I'm not sure that I can add a search in the taskbar, but maybe I can add a small shortcut (global in Windows) and prompt a search window.

David Hervieux
Devolutions inc.

David Hervieux


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