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Embed confluence page to documentation page

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Since we all have our documentation in Confluence, we don't want to have it in the RDM a second time.
Please add the possibility to embed a confluence page directly to the RDM documentation page.
This would be very useful.

Kind regards

Clock7 days

How do you see the integration? Just with an url to a specific page?


David Hervieux


Clock7 days

Hi David

Yeah. You can define a URL to a specific confluence page by URL and this will shows up in the documentation.

Sure there must be a way you can login to Conflunence and you've to login only once and can access all documentation tabs with a embedded confluence page. Perhaps in such a way that the login information is taken from the vault.

It would be so useful to map our server specific information we already have in confluence under the specific documentation site in RDM.

Kind regards

Clock3 days

I would like to second this! We use Confluence for documentation as well.

Even a simple URL link to the specific page would be helpful. Only a subset of the entries in RDM need/have documentation in our case, so would like to link only those entries.

In fact, if the documentation tab could be hidden for entries that don't have any documentation, or if the tab could be given a visible indicator that documentation exists for the entry, that would be nice as well - like how attachments have a visible indicator now.

Regarding authentication, I agree credentials could be pulled from RDM private vault or personal credentials. We use Azure AD with SAML to authenticate to Confluence/Atlassian and these Azure AD accounts are connected to our Windows user profile, so could also use "integrated" authentication?


Clock2 days