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A few questions about SSH Tunnels...

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Hi there

I am currently testing on OSX and considering migrating from another manager...
Please note that I am not trying to hit on RDM, I'm sure that it's just me or my configuration that is strange? :-)

I use a lot of SSH Tunnels, and I have a few questions, because it seems to work a bit smoother with "the other manager"...
My setup is as follows:
I have a jump-linux-host via which I start most of my SSH Tunnels.
On this jump-linux-host, there are several existing Tunnels towards other Linux hosts from where resources are reached, that could be a Windows host.
To the connection normally is: My Laptop -> jump-linux-host -> (tunneld port 8888) -> remote linux host -> Windows host RDP port...
So basically I can RDP via my jump-linux-host using port 8888 and reach the remote Windows host RDP...
(does it make sense?)

Anyway.. to make this work in RDM I need to create a RDP Session where I start, then ADD the SSH Gateway with mode Local: and Remote:

And it works... but... in "the other manager" this is a whole lot easier, where I just create a SSH gateway which every session uses, and I just enter port 8888 as the host connection...

On my jump-linux-host i have sevel ports mapped to different resources... that's why I can reuse the same gateway for several hosts.

Can this be done in another smarter way maybe?

Another annoyance to me, is the connection time, from when I klick to open a session, it first starts up a tab with SSH.. then waits 5 secs (I was able to set this to 1 sec), and the initiates the RDP session...
And with a few session running you also start to get a bit annoyed that half your open tabs are SSH tabs which does nothing other that hold the connection open... (why do I need to see them?)

I also do not understand why it is made possible to start only the SSH from the Session... but once you have started it, you cannot start the RDP session.. you have to stop the SSH connection, and then start everything in order to make it work... this is especially strange because you are able to configure your SSH gateway to not close once you close your RDP session.... ? (am I missing something here?)

Kind regards,

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Hello Heino,

Thank you for contacting us, I think the way you are using the SSH Tunnel / SSH Port Forwarding could be improved with Sock5 tunnel. Sock5 tunnel is an SSH Tunnel set to dynamic, the same as Putty is doing.

We also implemented the latest beta of RDM for Windows a new feature call Session over an SSH Secure Gateway. So no more in your RDP file and no more static route in any SSH Port Forwarding or tunnel. RDM will manage the session and autohide SSH and Proxy started behind.

This new feature as mentioned is still in the Beta version of RDM so unfortunatelly we do not have any documentation. However, if you would like to see this feature in Windows I can send you my calendar to schedule a short demo.


David Grandolfo


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Hello David,

Thank you for the feedback. I am looking forward to when the new feature reaches the MacOS version... any rough idea of when that will happen?

I love most every other feature you have, and it clearly what I am missing in the current other manager I use, yet I find it very hard to get to terms with the relatively slow connection time (from click to actual connection), and the ekstra SSH tab created for each connection...
And since this is basically what I use the most, I think I am forced wait until this is fixed somehow, before I jump in with the rest of you :-)


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We do not have this feature yet in our todo list, however, I will move your forum from the support section to the feature request of MAC. The engineering department will answer you soon regarding the feature request to add the Secure Gateway feature in RDM Mac.

Best regards,

David Grandolfo


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I had a chat with the engineering department and the task has been added on their todo list. As soon as we have developed we will inform you.

That said, here is the help topic link for Windows:

Best regards,

David Grandolfo


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