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Password Change and update through Password Server

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We already own RDM Enterprise and we are looking for a Password solution along with PAM.
Is Password Server able to have an object and once we change the objects/user password to update/replicate the change to domain.
If yes, is Password Server able to go over the Task Scheduler on servers that may have Tasks associated with this username and update the password in the tasks (something similar like Cyberark) that this account may used?


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Our current version does perform the password resets on domains, either on a schedule or upon checkin, but the feature to propagate the change is on our todo list for this spring.

We plan on supporting propagation to : service accounts, task schedulers, com+ components, IIS application pools, various daemons on *nix, etc.

In the mean time, we could provide a script that uses our CLI to perform these changes, but we understand that most in our community will prefer the integrated version.

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


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Thanks for your quick response


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