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Assign Session Types by AD Groups

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we want to provide the DPS service for all of our users.
As the most of them will only have a Private Vault, we want that they can only store Credentials and Websites in their Private Vault, because they will only get the Chrome Plugin. So far I found out that this can only be setup as a global setting for the whole server instance. As we also have more advanced users with RDM, we need RDP,SSH and so on for them in our normal Vaults as well.

It would be great if there was an option where you can specify that a group of users can only create Credentials and Websites in their Private Vault (maybe based on AD groups), and other users that can create any Session type they want in their Private Vault and also in their public Vaults.


The reason therefore is, that it makes no sense for normal users which only have the Chrome Plugin and a Private Vault to be able to create e.g. RDP Sessions and so on. BR, Thomas

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With the advent of our PAM module, I felt that the request to create credentials only in the private vault was something that the community would be asking sooner than later. For the other types, David hints that we could drive this using the license type that is assigned to the user.

Our next release is already "feature complete" and should come out as a beta in the coming weeks. For preventing credentials, I could see this beeing added early in our next (april maybe) beta cycle. As for the connection types, we have to think some more on how to harmonize RDM and DPS and split the work in manageable chunks.

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


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Hi Maurice,

thank you for your answer. Could you please update this thread as soon as you have any new information ?


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