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2FA RADIUS Feature Info

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Hi Support,

We are looking to implement 2FA into RDM/Password server. We have an existing RADIUS based 2FA platform which works nice as it has push notification we need to use. But I'm not sure how or if DPS can pass through the authentication requests to the RADIUS server. After turning on the RADIUS 2FA setting for a test user I get prompted after the initial Authentication for the RADIUS code. Obviously this is not a standard RADIUS auth being sent (like VASCO and others use) for 2FA auth.

Do you have some documentation available or have some suggestions. Basically what we require is the initial authentication credentials are checked against AD (working now) then passed through to RADIUS server to confirm credentials (which will invoke our 2FA platform which is WatchGuard AuthPoint to send a push notification to verify access).

Any information or assistance would be appreciated.



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