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File Transfer Server to client

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Apparently currently, wayk only supports file transfer in one direction (at least unless I am kinda blind or otherwize crazy enough to overlook that) and that is from the client (aka the one who does the controlling, e.g. the worker/support person/whatever) to the server (the one who is controlled, be it a server, a customer revieving tech support or whatever)

it could be quite useful from time to time at least in my opinion.

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Bi-directional file transfer is supported. To initiate a transfer from the server, right-click on the Wayk Now tray icon and under the "Sharing" menu, you will find the file transfer, chat, etc (the same instructions apply on macOS and Linux, except a simple left-click on the tray icon is enough to open the menu).

You can see some screenshots of that in this help topic.

Let me know if you have further questions!

Thanks and kind regards,

Richard Markievicz


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oh okay, I was kinda used to having it all in the client from past experience, but sure it makes sense, but maybe add an icon for that or whatever in the mini window to make it a bit more obvious. the existence of a tray icon can be easily forgotten considering windows likes to hide them.

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Holy moly, I was sure that bidirectional transfer is blocked for some security reason and we can transfer files only one way smile

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