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Web login synchronize with the wrong private vault

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We have noticed that when multiple users are using RDM on an RDS server, the Chrome Plug-in sometimes synchronize with the private vault of the wrong user. It would seem the vault they use is the vault of the first user to open RDM on the server.

For example, User1 is on the server then User2 connects to it. When User2 tries to login on a website via the Chrome Web login, the login and password available are those of User1.

Both RDM and the Plug-in are up to date (2019.2.24.0 and 2020.1.0.0 respectively).


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Had you seen ?

There are warnings to heed when running on RDS, there is a second topic for securing it, see

best regards

Maurice Côté


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Thank you for the solution.

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