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RDM crashing when I try to open a second session

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I am connected via RDP to one PC and try to connect to a second and RDM closes suddenly. These are saved sessions that I routinely connect to. I downloaded the most recent version and it still occurs.

I am running Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview (have been for over 2 years with no issues) 19536.rs_prerelease.191211-1446. I haven't used RDM since before Christmas but I don't think I've had a Windows update since then.

Any ideas?

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You can refer to this topic :
This seems to be an issue with the Microsoft ActiveX used to open RDP session in Embedded mode.

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Etienne Lord


Clock2 mths

Thank you so much for the information about the workaround. I searched for "crash" but missed that post somehow.


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