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Wake On Lan feature like TeamViewer has and PXE boot functionality

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I had a situation today where a machines win 10 os failed and i ended up using AOEMI PXE Boot to quickly get into a fast repair as I didnt have any removable media around to boot from something along those lines so I would like to see features for pre OS environment. It would be a dream if i could use WAYK NOW for this and then once the OS was running again I can use WAYK NOW to carry on my repair situation.

Would this be a viable option??

Many Thanks and I really look forward to all your hard work in developing new and fixing existing features!!

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Hi John

It's not the first time the feature has been requested; it's viable but, given the complexity, not on our current roadmap. We do revisit the features we are targeting and I've added your comments on our internal product board. I'd encourage other users interested in the functionality or similar features to add their voice here as well.

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Thanks and kind regards,

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