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Embedded Chrome: Some web pages jump to the top after switching to another open session then swtichi

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When using embedded Chrome on some specific web pages, I have noticed that if I scroll down on the page, then switch to another open session, the page jumps to the top when I switch back and I have to scroll back down to where I was.

It doesn't happen everywhere, I have mainly noticed this on Mediawiki based sites like Wikipedia. Also it happens specifically if the last place I clicked before switching was within the page. If I click anywhere in the user interface (like the browser navigation area or the RDM menus) before switching then the page will not jump when I switch back, but if I click within the page itself (like highlighting some text) before switching, then the page will jump when I switch back. It can make it difficult to do things like copy and paste text from a wiki page to another session which is something I actually do frequently.

Clock3 mths


What version of RDM are you running?

Is it possible to send us a small video of the behavior?

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Jeff Dagenais

Clock3 mths