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Browser unsupported when setting up new websites

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When I setup a link from within RDM, I get an error that the internal browser built into the application is not supported. Further checks shows the info below using

Internet Explorer - IE 11 / Google Chrome - Chrome 75 / Firefox - Netscape Navigator 5

How can I update the internal browsers to point to the actual browsers that I use which is updated or how to update the internal browsers of RDM to support the websites I use?


Clock3 mths


I suspect that you are trying to open your sessions in embedded mode. In embedded mode, we use third party application for Firefox and Chrome. For IE, we use a Microsoft ActiveX.
That being said, you cannot update those browsers yourself.

If you would like to use your local browser (which is up to date), I would recommend launching your session in external mode and use our web login to perform the authentication.
Our web logins can be downloaded here

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais

Clock3 mths