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View password in context menu

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Hello, is it possible disable in context menu "View Password", "Copy Password", etc on Host entry and leave only on Credential entry ?

for example remove this :


and leave this :



Annotazione 2019-12-11 154916.png
Annotazione 2019-12-11 154917.png
Clock3 mths

Is it just to simplify the UI?


David Hervieux


Clock3 mths

Hello, not exactly, I have a role that enables some users to view passwords.
Every evening on server runs a task that extracts from activity logs accounts with displayed password and the report is sends to the manager.
it happens that in the report some are user accounts, others are machine accounts, the manager wants only user accoutn to be displayed.

Since it is not possible for me to directly convert the machine accounts into user accounts in the report, I was wondering if there is a configuration for which it is possible to disable the password display when a host is selected.

Otherwise I could read the report with a powershell script and convert the machine accounts into user accounts, but what is the property of the object that lets me know if it is a machine account?


Clock3 mths