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DPS 2019.2.8.0 & RDM 2019.2.21.0 Problems found

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I'm testing your new beta.
So far I've found following problems:

- 1: DPS now allows users being created without vault.
If I create a user in DPS console (auth: custom DPS, type: user, nothing else, press OK) and open up again - there is a checkmark at Vaults: Default

Yes, when using RDM or Web user can't see anything in Default, but why do you set this checkmark automatically?

- 2: If you remove the checkmark the user isn't able to use RDM anymore, error message : User " has not been granted access rights to vault 'n/a'.
So we are missing username and vault-name in this error message.
that's not the real problem: real problem is, that I can't use RDM to edit my PV. if I use Web-Interface without the checkmark set, I'm able to use my PV -> that's the expected behaviour.

I'll keep posting problems we find...

Kind Regards


Clock3 mths


Here are the answers about the submitted issues.

1- Indeed if you manually create a user in DPS or RDM, by design, the Default vault is assigned to that user account. You can uncheck it in the Vaults section of the user account creation dialog before saving the account. Moreover, if the Automatic User Creation option is enabled in the Domain tab of the DPS settings, it is possible to set the Default Vault to None. So the user will not get access to any vaults depending on the roles assignment. I will check with the engineering department if they can modify this behaviour.

2- We are aware of that behaviour. Unfortunately it isn't an easy task to fix that issue as RDM assumes that user has access to at least one vault. Multiple sections of the RDM code is built on that fact. It's on the engineers todo list and once they will find a solution, we will keep you posted.

Best regards,

Érica Poirier


Clock3 mths