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RDM goes into a bad state after I lock my screen for 1+ hours

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For many months (maybe years?), RDM will go into a state where the process still shows in Task Manager, but isn't visible and can't be used, after I lock my screen for 1+ hours. I'm currently on version 2019.1.41.0, Enterprise Edition, 64-bit.

Clock3 mths

This is usually indicative of a modal dialog being hidden beneath the main form UI.

How is your data source configured? Anything in your logs?

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Stefane Lavergne


Clock3 mths

Apologies for the late response. (busy with projects)

I have both a local data source, and a couple RDM network server hosts.

The local RDM Application logs don't show anything correlating to this behavior.
I only see entries for it shutting down when I shutdown or reboot Windows.
What other logs should I be checking? (I don't manage corporate RDM, so I have no idea where else to look for logs)

Note that when this happens, I can just kill the RDM task in task manager, then start it up again.

Clock2 mths