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UPN login on Macos

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OS: MacOS Catalina
RDM ver: 2019.2.0.0

I have a RDP server which use alternative credential provider OpenOTP. To be able to login user should use UPN username e.g. "".

I have no problem when I use native Microsoft Remote Desktop Client, also I have no problem using RDM Windows version. But when I use RDM MacOS version I have an error about wrong username\password. Looks like the problem connected with the username format which RDM MacOS version uses.

Any thoughts about that?

Clock3 mths


You can try setting the "Username format" to {User}:


The entire UPN must be entered in the username field (e.g.

I believe it should work afterwards.

Best regards,

Xavier Fortin


Clock3 mths

You can try setting the "Username format" to {User}:

Yes, that works! Thanks a lot!

Clock3 mths