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Uninstall Wayk Now - not listed in add remove

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Hi everyone,
I need to uninstall Wayk Now but it is not listed in add remove programs on my Windows 10 PC. So, how can I uninstall it, perhaps with the command line?
I need to uninstall it as every time I run it, a message pops saying a new version is available, 227.2.1. But of course it doesn't exist, when I hit the link to download it, it just takes me to a download page where the same version is downloaded, 19.2.0.
So as I've obviously got fed up with downloading and installing the same version upteen times, I've given up on this and want to get rid of it. Any ideas?

Clock3 mths

Hi Bruce,

The version check was fixed in 2019.2.1, but for some reason you seem to be redownloading and reinstalling 2019.2.0. Here is a direct download link from the CDN for the 64-bit .msi installer:

Wayk Now should be listed in the installed programs as long as it was installed using the .msi installer. Can you confirm that it is present under "C:\Program Files\Devolutions\Wayk Now"?

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


Clock3 mths