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unattended access using Azure ad account - currently using a local admin user as workaround

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I currently cannot seem to get an unattended access setup to several machines when using an azure account.

the azure user is a member of local administrators (built in) group
I can logon to the machine locally

I cannot connect to the machine remotely using the address (azure ad id)

I CAN connect if I create a local user on the computer, with local administrator group membership (same as the azure account) and then use that account to connect to the machine.

once connected I can logon to the machine using the azure account as normal.

Can I configure wayk to allow connection using the azure logon instead of the local account
(both are in the administrators group locally)

Clock4 mths


It sounds like it should work - clearly the account has the necessary access to log on to the machine, and logging in with a UPN should work from our side. However I'm not sure we've ever tried this with an Azure AD identity. We'll do some checking internally, but, in the meantime - the service should log some information about the failures. Can you send us the log file from %programdata%\wayk\logs\nowservice.log? You can attach it here, send to me via PM or email to

Thanks and kind regards,

Richard Markievicz


Clock4 mths


I think we'll need to see how we can replicate a similar environment to test. We're not very familiar with this special type of Windows logon, but does it correspond to the one described in this blog?

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


Clock4 mths