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Problem with connection using Wayk Now i RDM Enterprise and without RDM

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Hello i have RDM 2019.2.16.0 64-bit and i wanna use Wayk on it.

I still have a problem. I cannot connect using RDM and i cannot connect using Wayk. Can someone tell me why is still problem with using this app ?

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Clock4 mths

And the log file

Clock4 mths

It is really funny all the time is crappy "canot resole hostname" i just really think are you Still in Alpha ?????? Everyone is waitting for Wayk you all the time says that new version is comming and what happen - new version is still not working with the same errors :/

Clock4 mths


First, once I again I apologize for the inconvenience. We would really like to fix this issue and I appreciate your help with providing the log, and with some further troubleshooting.

We see the issue this morning connecting to ID 432912 - you received the "hostname resolution" error. Is the remote machine running the unattended service (it was installed with the .msi)?

It would be extremely helpful if you can tell me:

- What is the state of the Wayk Now Unattended Service on the remote machine? In the Services.msc, what is written in the "Status" column?
- Can you send me this file from the remote machine: %programdata%\wayk\logs\nowservice.log. That file should have been automatically created in the version Wayk Now 2019.2.x.

We have shipped improvements in our P2P networking; however the name resolution issue occurs before the connection is even negotiated. Somehow the service of the machine that you are connecting became unregistered from Wayk Den, and that is why the connection failed.

This issue has our full attention; the above information will be extremely valuable to us. I apologize again for the inconvenience; we understand the frustration and are eager to fix this.

Thanks and kind regards,

Richard Markievicz


Clock4 mths