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ssh copy / paste text and crashing issue in 2019.2.14.0

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Could be beta related, however I spotted this in current stable release RDMF 2019.2.14.0. I always download the zip version.

2 issues,

Sometimes, when I copy text from an SSH session with the mouse, when I paste it into notepad I have an extra line in between each line. Only sometimes though, I haven't figured out if it happens because I have resized the window or perhaps because a line I am copying exactly matches the window width. When it does happen, I get an extra line after all of the lines I have copied.

Separately, This version has fully crashed on me 3 time in the week I have been using it - twice this morning. Both time this morning were when I was logging out of SSH sessions with CTRL-D. We use a SSH gateway (jump box) to get to our environment so you need to logout twice to close the RDMF session - I noticed the first CTRL-D logged out of the 2nd server and then after a pause the application crashed, before I was dropped back to the jump box prompt - it is possible I hit CTRL-D twice.

RDMF lives on a little longer on my desktop smile

Thanks for taking the time

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For the copy issue, I think the problem you have is due to the way some application output text to the terminal: some end the lines with carriage return, in that case everything is fine. Some end the lines with spaces, so, if you paste the text in a smaller notepad, the spaces are wrapped which result in "empty" lines. We added an option to control how copy is made, it is the fifth icon from the left at the top of the terminal window (tool tip: preserve formatting on copy). If you select this option, the formatting will be preserved by stripping lines of the spaces. It will also preserve the way lines are broken too, this is why it is an option: since some application will output long lines (that get wrapped by the terminal) it is desirable to preserve the long lines and let the other text editor wrap the lines as needed.

As for the crash, I will investigate. If I understand correctly, you login to a gateway, and then login manually to the target host. That is the only way I see you would need to log out twice. Because if you login using the jump host option, logging out once will log you out of both the target host and the gateway. But either way, I'll run some tests to try to reproduce this bug. Thanks for the feedback.


Denis Vincent


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Hi Denis

Thanks - I'll take a look at the option you mention with 2019.2.14.0 - Worthy mention however, I never have such issues in putty, MobaXterm or RDMF v5.1.3.0 - I work 8 hours a day in ssh sessions to Linux hosts from a Windows 10 PC.

Correct, I don't use the jump host option. As I'm moving back to the current release, I'll share any other information on the crashing issue I have experienced.


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