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Which VPN protocol is best?

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I am fresh vpn user and basically I use pptp protocol for streaming. On last weekend with my friends, I was using Facebook from my smartphone. In a while my smartphone is going hacked and all data that already stored in my phone was too. At that time, I said “What the *** is this” but one of my friend suggest me to don’t use PPTP because it has zero level security.
Now, I have 3 different protocols option like l2tp, ikev2 and openvpn. Can anyone guide me which one is best for all purposes.
Thank You

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Your question is more for our community than for Devolutions staff only.
Internally, we are using OpenVPN in our demo environment and it's working well most of the time.

Hope that someone else from the community will be able to help/guide you regarding your choice.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


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Thank You for your prompt reply. I am waiting for experts and hope they deliver me the good suggestions.

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But the thing is openvpn using ssl rather than l2tp and ikev2 are using ipsec for encrypt the data. I read several comparison guide on both such as

But still confuse.

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