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Hello together,
we work with passwordlists.
it would be great in the next releases when we could open 2 or more passwordlist, ad existing entries via drag and drop to and from the password list.
or from one password list to the other.

it is a pain upset to open a existing single password, copy the password, close the password, open the passwordlist, add the fields manually, copy the password into the password field, save the entry in the passwordlist, save and close it and remove the old existing single entry.

Function: Copy & Move single Entries to and from a password list, open 2 passwordlist, copy and paste from 1 passwordlist to another passwordlist. smile

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It is already possible within RDM to select multiple credential entries (username/password) and convert them in a Password List entry type in Edit - Edit (Special Actions) - Convert to Password List. But it it not possible yet to add a single credential entry to an existing Password List entry. I will transfer this request to our engineering department.


Best regards,

Érica Poirier

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Hello Erica,

thx for the quick Support smile

Regards Mike

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The feature to move a credential entry to an existing password list will be added with version 2019.2.21.0.

You will find the option when you right click on a credential entry -> Edit -> Edit (Special Actions)... -> Move to Existing Password List.


Jonathan Del Signore

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